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Cats and determination, get ready to climb Mt. Blanc

The hikes to the Mont Blanc in France are definitely the most attractive alpine climbs in the Alps. Its panoramic images and exposed terraces make it an unrivaled peak throughout the Alps. The roof of Europe, also called it, rises at an altitude of 4810 meters above Val Vény with granite pillars and seraks.

The most common route to the destination is from Chamonix via the Nid d’Aigle and the Tete Rouse and Gouter. This route is not technically or physically too demanding, you only need basic experience with movement in alpine terrain. It can be easily managed by every recreational sportsman.

Do not miss the cable car ride from La Fayet to Nid d’Agle towards Tete Rouse. Then head to Gouter, where a dangerous but secure crossing of a steep snowfield complicates the journey. Here again, the road is again secured with steel ropes. Try to overcome the peak of Vallot.

Fulfill one of your dreams and conquer the magnificent Mont Blanc - the roof of Europe, enjoy this bivouac climb in the beautiful, alpine countryside. Towering in the Savoie Alps, this unique mountain offers climbers, alpine climbers and hikers an unforgettable experience. Discover the unrestrained nature around Mont Blanc, remarkable rock walls, scree fields, cracks and seraks. The massif is largely covered with glaciers, but from the top you can admire the surrounding four thousand-meter peaks from above, which gives you a breathtaking view.

Therefore, book your flight today and save a lot of money. Take your breath away from this vacation, take the opportunity to fly to the Alps at unbeatable prices!

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