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Castle that decorates the Dracula Region

From the distance mysteriously protruding turrets of the castle, which is surrounded by a deep moat, lure every tourist to see. Corvin Castle can be found in Hunedoara, Romania.

Corvin Castle is linked with a rich history of more than six centuries, which you can learn about in part from the exposition inside. Not only is it a great tourist attraction, it also serves as a beautiful, cinematic and fairytale backdrop.

Inside the castle there are dozens of chambers and a number of spiral staircases. It is surrounded by a 30 meter deep moat and the only possible access is the gate at the end of a wooden bridge supported by long stone pillars.

The ancient history of the castle is closely associated with the Hunayady family, from which originated, for example, Hungarian King Matthias I. Corvinus. Corvin Castle also includes a castle chapel. The entire castle complex is set in the picturesque, green landscape of the famous Dracula Region.

Bran Castle

The castle stands on a hill surrounded by trees near the village of Bran on the ancient border between Transylvania and Wallachia. You can see for yourself that the haunted castle from Bram’s novel is somewhat different from the book description. Nevertheless, it is a very popular historical fortress. However, the real “Dracula’s Castle”, now rather a ruin, is located somewhere else, lying deeper in the Fagaras Mountains. For many tourists, Poienari is not a very attractive monument. The only access route is to climb 1400 steep rock stairs, but it is worthwhile to go for the great, ghostly atmosphere!

Follow the historic buildings to Romania. Book online and well in advance and save a lot of money!


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