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Canada offers free access to national parks

From: #flymeto   |   Apr 01, 2019

Canada celebrates its 150th birthday, but tourists receive a gift. On the anniversary, she decided to make her impressive national parks, protected marine reserves, and historical monuments available free of charge. Throughout 2017, you could visit places like the Polar Bear Home in Wapusk National Park, the UNESCO-listed Banff and Jasper Parks, and invest money in admission or overnight accommodation in souvenirs.

How to get free entries

First, order a Discovery Pass on Parks Canada. It's completely free and sent to mailboxes all over the world. When traveling around Canada, always carry it with you or behind the car's front window. If you are traveling with your family or in a group and want to stay together all the time, one card is enough for everyone.

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  *Discovery Pass is only applied to locations managed by Parks Canada. But they are blessed.   * The card can only be used for entrances to parks and monuments.   * All other services that are normally paid beyond admission, such as parking, sightseeing tours, tour guides or tents, are not covered by the Discovery Pass.

Discovery Pass a co pak

Do you like running? Accept the Long Beach Challenge and stroll down the longest beach of Pacific Rim National Park Reserve. It is 9.5 km away and offers a view as a reward.

Want to walk? Spend a few days in the valleys of Yoho National Park and enjoy a trek beyond the Arctic Circle. There are three difficulty trails to choose from, which will always take you around the famous waterfalls.

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Want to compete? Sign up for Les Défis du Parc-Shawinigan , Canada's largest cycling meeting. It is hosted by the La Mauricie National Park and includes several different disciplines including mountain bike and triathlon races.

Do you take children? Grasslands National Park offers excursions, horseback riding, fossil excavations, bison and star watching, and ranch stories with S'more roasting around the campfire.

Find tips for more epic experiences right at Parks Canada .

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