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Cameroon - the magic of Africa

Are you tempted to set out on an adventure? An excellent choice is Cameroon. Mountains, tropical jungles, untouched beaches and gorillas await you in one place.

Cameroon is a country full of contrasts

You can look forward to meeting gorillas, chimpanzees, in the sky you will see brightly colored birds. You can also meet the Pygmies tribe. Your journey will begin with your arrival in Douala, where you will meet Cameroonian officials and it is therefore essential to have all documents, including passports and visas, in order. Don’t forget to get vaccinated against yellow fever.

After passing the check, you can go to Melong, where you can see the beauty of flower gardens and fruit plantations. Along the way you will find the famous Ekom waterfalls where Tarzan was filmed. Interesting are the crater lakes Twin Lakes.

Your next destination may be Bamenda, the starting trek for mountain lakes and waterfalls. Nearby is Bafut, where you can visit the oldest royal palace in the country. One of the king’s wives will be your guide here. Bafut is the center of the Tikar tribe. You can climb the gorillas to the forest where you can watch them. The path behind them is not easy. You need to have a guide who will track the gorillas and count on climbing to the tops of the mountains.

Do you prefer views of the ocean and the beach? Then head to Kribi, which lies on the river Loba. On the river, you can set out among the Pygmies. The Lobe Falls, which fall directly into the Atlantic Ocean from a height of 20 meters, are thrilled.

The capital of Cameroon is Yaounde, where you will find the Presidential Palace. You can also taste beer, which will refresh you in the hot heat. Do you like adventure? Head to the mountains to the west of Cameroon, where you can complete a 367-km Ring Road off-road vehicle. It’s time to get an amazing adventure.

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