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Camargue, paradise on earth

You don’t have to visit Africa to see the flamingo population up close. The large population lives year-round in Southern France in Provence. There is a landscape of wetlands that lie between the two arms of Rhone. The area is full of reeds, canals and salt water lakes. More than 400 bird species live here. The park is extensive and leads several circular paths, where there are several observation points. There are also aviaries at the entrance. Herons sit on the trees, and a kingfisher appears on the surface of the lake. This unique place can be visited from April to September along with a guide. Stunning scenery can be observed even with children from the boat. You can take a trip on the steamer TIKI III.

Camargue has its own color, which also includes black bulls, wild white horses who after taming serve as a means of riding the region. You can visit the Tour Carbonnière, which previously guarded access to Aigues Mortes. Are you hungry? Go for a meal in Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer. Restaurants offer delicious seafood, bouillabaisse and fish. The restaurants don’t speak English very well.

On the way to the flamingos also visit the town of Saint Gilles. There is a beautiful church with a spectacularly decorated portal. The monastery dates back to the 12th century and shows scenes of the Old and New Testaments. The church has an underground crypt, which boasts not very pleasant history.

A few kilometers from Camargue lies the city of Arles. It offers numerous Roman and Romanesque monuments and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Wine and rice are grown in the north of the area. Not far from Arles is the Alpily Nature Park. In its center is a limestone mountain range, which certainly do not miss. In La Ciotat you will find the world’s oldest cinema.

Do you want to go to Camargue? Then fly by plane. will cost you cheaply. From Paris Airport, you can go to Provence by car or fly to Marseille.


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