Brazil is a huge country and it is understandable that it has a different climate, although it can be divided into three main climate regions. Equatorial, with year-round rains, in the Amazon basin plus a small coastal area. Then tropical with a period of drought in the vast central area plus a small northern part. Finally, the third, almost Mediterranean Sea, with mild winters and hot summers, in the extreme south. The equator passes through northern Brazil, so in most of the country south of the equator, the seasons are reversed compared to Europe or North America.

When to visit Brazil

If you want to find the best time to visit Brazil, you can choose the Australian winter, ie from June to August. In fact, it is usually the coldest, least rainy and sunniest time of the year. In the far south, however, the winter is rainy and sometimes cold; there are exceptions mainly in coastal areas.

The sea is warm enough for year-round swimming in north-central Brazil, while from June to October it is relatively cold near Rio de Janeiro and even cold along the coast of Rio Grande do Sul, where it drops to 14 ° C in August. Here the sea temperature becomes acceptable from January to March, around 23/24 ° C.

Weather in Rio de Janeiro

In the Rio de Janeiro area, the dry season lasts from June to August, ie in winter. There is an average amount of precipitation.

It is located in the very south, far enough from the equator to detect a drop in winter temperature. In Rio, the highest values from May to October fall to about 25/26 ° C. This can be considered the best time to visit, because it is warm but not hot, the sun often shines and rain is rare, although they are still possible.

The sea is a bit cold at this time, so the best season for a beach holiday is summer, from January to March, when temperatures can reach 37/38 ° C. There can be heavy rain in the afternoon, but the amount of sunshine is still good enough the sea is warm. The Carnival of Rio de Janeiro takes place in the summer, but the main events take place in the evening.

In Rio de Janeiro, you can finally sail all year round, even though the sea is a bit cold from July to October, when the water temperature drops to 22 ° C.


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