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Kirkwall/Orkney Island (KOI)

Behind seals on Orkney, one of Scotland's most beautiful islands

The island of Orkney lies in the north of Scotland and is the largest of the Orkney archipelago, which consists of 67 islands.

They are separated from the coast of Scotland by the Pentland Firth. Orkney Island can be reached by ferry from John O’Groats or Scrabster in the north of Scotland. Another and more convenient option is to use national airlines. You land at the airport in the capital of the largest island of Orkney in Kirkwall.

The sun and rain alternate so quickly that you can see the colorful rainbow across the island several times a day.

Do not miss a visit to Skara Brae with excavations of the village from around 3000 BC. along a beautiful white sand beach.

The narrow medieval streets of the capital Kirkwall resemble Norwegian cities. The city is dominated by a beautiful cathedral. Take a trip to Wideford Hill (226 meters above sea level) for a nice view of the island and the sea. Wild rocks alternate romantic beaches with fine white sand. Instead of tourists, however, cute seals lie on them. Some seals will hopsat you as you walk, especially if you whistle.

The climate is very mild, even in summer there are very pleasant temperatures around 15 ° C and in winter around 5 ° C.

If you can’t resist swimming or snorkeling in the sea, you can rent a wetsuit. The underwater world is really rich and completely different from the southern seas. Fishing lovers will welcome fishing on Orkney for free.

Many traditional crafts have been preserved on the island. Buy handmade gifts here or just watch the locals at work. The village of Evie produces Denise Dupres bags, sweaters and various decorations of high quality sheep wool, Sheila Fleet then original silver jewelry inspired by nature.

Book on time and save a lot of money, Orkney can be visited at any time of the year, yet you will always find many places worth seeing.

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