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Beautiful vacation at Middle Caicos

A little affected by the Turks and Caicos Islands is the beautiful island of Middle Caicos, rich in many beautiful beaches. You will be amazed by the smell of pine forests and the fresh breath of air with a hint of freshwater lakes.

Middle Caicos Island is inhabited by very friendly and hospitable people.

In Conch Bar you can explore interesting limestone caves with stalagmites and stalactites and salt lakes.

The northwest coast is covered with limestone cliffs and natural beaches that provide plenty of privacy. Crossing Place Trail leads along the coast, offering you the most beautiful scenery of the archipelago. The trail ends at a ferry to North Caicos Island.

Another attraction in Middle Caicos is the Ocean Hole Nature Reserve - 366 meters wide and 60 meters deep abyss, home to albul, sharks, etc.

Middle Caicos boasts untouched nature, so you will find the desired peace here and easily forget the everyday, hurried reality.

Go to Grace Bay on Providenciales Island, where you can see cute dolphins. The waters around you will give you a great diving experience, explore the underwater world of mysterious depths and enjoy your holiday to the full.

Go for a peaceful stay in a dream paradise, picturesque beaches, lots of sun waiting for you right here! You can buy cheap flights to America only with us at unbeatable prices!

The other islands of the Turks and Caicos Islands are North Caicos and unforgettable moments await you here in unique places! Do not resist beauty and head to, with Aeroflot you will enjoy plenty of comfort and convenience.

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