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Beaches where dog pieces are made

In the survey of the most traumatic holiday experience, the reproachful look of pets who have to stay at home would win the line. Fortunately, the magic label of dog-friendly sticks to more and more places around the world and beaches are no exception. There are hundreds of different qualities in Europe. Just search the Internet. But these should not escape your attention, because you will enjoy them as abundantly as your hairy companion.

Llevant Beach, Barcelona, Spain

The newly reserved area of the city beach, where the dogs are free to run and duck in the water, is relatively small, with a maximum capacity of 100 hairy. However, Llevant Beach makes up for dogs with toilets, showers and drinking fountains. Their owners have the opportunity to play volleyball, laze on a deck chair under the parasol and access to fully equipped facilities including parking and wi-fi.

Barcelona is very friendly to dogs and often do not mind when you go to the store (except food stores and large shopping centers). On many beaches in Spain, however, dogs are prohibited from entering under a fine of up to 100 €. This is especially true in the season from April to November. Watch the local people behave. When you see a lot on the beach with your dog, it is probably after the season, or the local police are helpful.

You don't want to risk? Bet on other dog beaches near Barcelona - north of Sant Pol de Mar and south of Port Ginesta .

Kudy to Llevant Beach: Av. Litoral, 114, 080 05 Barcelona, 41.398895, 2.210618

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Noordwijk Beach, Noordwijk, Nizozemsko

Dutch Noordwijk is a place where you want to move with your mongrel to old age. The vast northern coast with fine sand is literally filled with restaurants and businesses, where your dog will be happy to see and offer the same comfort as you. When you get tired of the beach, point it to the surrounding fields, which in the spring season burst into bloom, and the entire horizon, as far as you can see, turns like a canvas. In addition, the locals left nothing to chance and prepared a whole website for dog owners with tips on where to eat and where to go for a walk.

You can also try the beaches in Bregen aan Zee, which will match those in Noordwijk in terms of both scenic and amazingly friendly approach to four-legged visitors.

Kudy na Noordwijk Beach: Sea bar 106, 2202 NW Noordwijk, Nizozemsko, 52.257230, 4.437639

Skateholm Beach, Skateholm, Sweden

Dogs of every size will enjoy half a kilometer of beach with white sand and gradual entry into the sea. The beach is not as lavishly equipped as others, but it compensates for the natural wildness without rules and restrictions. A refreshment kiosk, showers and toilets can be found in the nearby campsite. And this is a small paradise for dogs. If you decide to visit the nearby remains of Mesolithic housing estate, you can take the dog with you, but rather on a leash. The local conservationists would probably not like it if he took some prehistoric cube from his visit.

Kudy to Skateholm Beach: Äppelrosvägen, 231 76 Beddingestrand (Skateholm), 55.376620, 13.468488

Bau Beach, Rome, Italy

Just a short drive from Rome and your pet can dig on one of the first and oldest dog-friendly beaches in the world. Like other beaches (such as the slightly luxurious Il lido di Fido ), Bau Beach charges an entrance fee. But here you are happy to pay. Money goes not only to the maintenance of the beach and facilities, such as special parasols and towels for dogs, but also to dogs in the local adoption center, who are still waiting for their people.

But you don't have to confine yourself to Rome. Dog beaches can be found scattered all over Italy, such as Dog Beach in Tuscany, Beach 33 and Bagno 81 in Rimini, La Spiaggia di Pluto in Bibione or the legendary Bau Bau Village in Savona, where dogs are less welcome than dogs beach where people are welcome.

Kudy na Bau Beach: Via di Praia a Mare, 19000054 Fiumicino RM, 41.877637, 12.176615

Crikvenica Beach, Crikvenica, Croatia

Even Croatia does not want to stay behind. Local businessmen are trying to officially the first Croatian beach for dogs to maintain its reputation. Dogs can freely play in the water and on land and under much looser rules than on Italian beaches. Cool in the shade of umbrellas or in one of the local snack bars. Be sure to take your pet to Monty's Beach Bar , where he serves dog ice cream or special beers or beef or chicken flavor.

Which way to Crikvenica Beach and Monty’s bar: Lučica Podvorska bb, 51260 Crikvenica, 45.169773, 14.695273

Saunton Beach, Sauton, United Kingdom

The golden sandy beaches of Saunton Beach are among the most beautiful and popular in the country, both among people and hafans. Dogs have free access to it all year round, once a year (always in May), but it literally occupy only for themselves and their owners. We are talking about Paws on the Beach featuring games, competitions and challenges such as dog surfing and the K9 Factor talent contest.

The English are renowned for their love of dogs, so Devon is not the only place where dog pieces are made. See for yourself and see other dog-friendly beaches on the UK coast .

Kudy na Saunton Beach: Saunton Beach, North Devon, 51.093858, -4.225660

Haus Nordseerobbe, Neßmersiel, Germany

Haus Nordseerobbe is as close to the dog's idea of heaven as people can approach. Sandy beach tumbled by the waters of the North Sea is just one of the attractions waiting for furry adventurers. They make new friends as reliably on the local agility course as on the trek around the countryside. Activities are affiliated with The North Sea Seal, which welcomes guests with two or four feet. Allow your pet to taste the Baltic waters at one of the two beaches in Travemünde .

Kudy do Haus Nordseerobbe: Oystercatcherweg 9, 26553 Dornum, 53.670048, 7.352291

Barcelona - Go on vacation with us

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The good news is that dog beaches are increasing each year. There are dozens in countries like Italy, France or Germany, and hundreds in the UK. Not all are free and local rules must be followed. Generally, countries such as Italy and Spain do not tolerate too much dogs in places that do not have reserved and even those reserved are associated with a lot of restrictions. Great Britain, France, Germany and the Netherlands give dogs more freedom and rules do not worry so much.

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