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Basic English words for air travel

At the airport, every passenger encounters lots of English words and phrases, and when traveling by air for the first time, it can easily be embarrassed by an unknown language, so we bring you an overview of the most commonly used words in the airport zone.

Short stay (car park) - Short-term parking

Long stay (car park) - Long-term parking

Arrivals - Arrivals

Departures - Departures

International check-in - Check in international flights

International departures - International departures

Domestic flights - Domestic flights

Departures board

Check-in (open) - Check-in desk (open), passenger check-in

Through Check-in - Check-in of baggage and passengers to your final destination (for transfer flights)

Delayed - Delayed

Canceled (Flight) - Canceled (Flight)

On time (arrival, departure)

Arrivals board

Expected (12:10) - Expected at (12:10)

Landed 22:15 - Landed at (22:15)

Flight number - on the ticket, on arrival and departure boards

Now boarding - Boarding

Last call - Last call

Gate closing

Gate closed - Departed

Ticket offices - Ticket shops

Lockers - Lockers for luggage storage

Payphones - Payphones

Gates (1-32) - Arrivals (1-32)

Transfers, Flight connections - Related flights

Baggage reclaim - Baggage collection

Passport control

Black list - list of prohibited or not recommended items, persons, etc.

Cabin Crew - cabin crew

Cockpit crew - cockpit crew

Charter Flight - flight to order (eg travel agencies)

Holding - waiting aircraft in the air for a landing permit

Immigration Control

Lost and Found - Lost and Found

Lost Luggage Desk - Lost luggage desk

We will prepare an overview of the most common English conversation at the airport and on the plane soon.

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