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Banksy hotelier

From: #flymeto   |   Mar 02, 2019

At the Walled Off Hotel you literally sleep, get up and brush your teeth in the middle of a work of art. The hotel is not only an art manifesto and Banksy’s view of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, but also a real business.

The hotel offers four types of accommodation. Three rooms were divided by Banksy and his artistic colleagues Sami Musa and Dominique Petrin. Everyone has designed their room according to their own vision. Rooms are marked with their names in the reservation system, so if you are intrigued by the colorful extravagance of artist Dominique Petrin, you can easily find the right room.

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The Presidential Suite and three scenic rooms, elegantly decorated in a light nostalgia for colonial times, may give the impression that Banksy is losing himself for a moment. But only until you add a view. Banksy chose a building just a few meters from the military defensive wall for his hotel, literally making it the hotel with the worst view in the world. Meters of concrete, graffiti, military watchtowers and a view of the war conflict are the backdrop to look forward to if you decide to stay.

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On the ground floor there is a piano bar, an art gallery and a museum dedicated to the history of the wall, which still separates two rival nations. The most interesting, however, seems to be the cheapest hotel accommodation. It is equipped as an Israeli army barracks. The price of accommodation is folk in this case. In the common room you will be given a bed and a locker, the washrooms are shared and the privacy is zero. In short, an experience you’d expect from Banksy.

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