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Argentina welcomes tourists with a discount

From: #flymeto   |   Apr 20, 2019

Argentina offers everything from the busy streets of Buenos Aires, through the Iguazu Falls (UNESCO) and the Los Glaciares Glacier in Patagonia. Now they are trying to attract foreign visitors by forgiving them the payment of VAT on accommodation. Value added tax on accommodation in Argentina is 21% and it is a nice discount. The indisputable advantage is that you do not have to wait for the bank to return your money. The system works instantly and automatically. You are already paying a VAT-reduced amount by credit card or bank transfer, so your saved money remains in your account and you can spend it on holiday.

How to save and not pay tax

It is sufficient to have a foreign (ie Czech) account with a debit or credit card. The system recognizes that you are paying by a transfer from a non-Argentine bank and will reduce the amount by VAT. If you pay with accommodation by card, show your passport and pay with your foreign credit card before paying. Receptionist will charge you the price of accommodation without tax.

Another pleasant bonus is breakfast without VAT. If you order and pay for accommodation, you will also save on them.

Unfortunately, hotel services such as dinners, wellness or excursions are no longer exempt from VAT, but the program includes all accommodation facilities throughout Argentina from the cheapest hostels to rural ranches to five star hotels in Buenos Aires or Mendoza.

If you set out to the more remote parts of the Andes or Patagonia and want to take advantage of the accommodation, find out where you can stay and pay for the accommodation by card or bank transfer in advance. Not all accommodation facilities outside large cities pay by card and you will not receive a VAT discount when paying in cash.

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