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Faro (FAO)

Are you planning a summer vacation? We have another great tip!

The famous tourist part of Portugal hides beautiful beaches, still warm weather, wonderful Portuguese cuisine and mysterious nooks.

Go to the Algarve this year for the famous beaches stretching all over the south coast, complete with beautiful sandstone cliffs. If the sun does not shine, the temperature still does not drop below a pleasant 30 ° C.

The Algarve is very famous for tourism, but there are also mysterious nooks on the coast and splendid beaches where you will feel like paradise and privacy is not a must.

The center of the Algarve is the city of Faro, where the international airport is located. If you enjoy exuberant entertainment and nightlife, a variety of local discos will give you plenty of entertainment throughout the night until the sunny morning.

Lovers of history will be attracted by the historical center of the city surrounded by original walls from the 9th century. with the most important monument - the city cathedral. Opposite it is the 18th-century Episcopal Palace, which is also a beautiful architectural spectacle. The Nossa Senhora Church is decorated with wooden, gold-plated statues and decorations.

As a port city, it also boasts its naval museum with a display of boat models and galleons, located near F. Gomes Square.

For a great break, head to Albufeira, close to the city’s famous Praia de Balaia, Praia de Maria Luisa and many more.

Get ready for a vacation you won’t forget, see the sights, spend your nights in clubs and bars, sunbathe on the beaches, but book your cheap flights first and save a lot of money that you can then spend on a much better holiday in Portugal. You can book from the comfort of your home and enjoy a sensational holiday in paradise.

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