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Are you interested in Pueblo villages? Then head to America!

Especially in Colorado you will find the impressive Pueblo village of Cliff Palace in Mesa Verde National Park. A fascinating peak here is the Table Mountain towering up to 2,500 meters above sea level, covered with fragrant pine trees, and is interwoven with gorges where the Indians of the Ancestral Pueblans sought their hiding place in ancient times. The view of the rock dwellings in the rock niches is a very interesting spectacle. Most of the puebl villages were led by a single wooden ladder access path, which can usually only be accessed with a guide.

Cliff Palace was built under a huge rock overhang. You can count 23 kiv and 200 rooms. You can only reach the village with a rancher, only one narrow road leads to the top of Table Mountain, so take a scenic ride to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the National Park. Choose from two circuits - Wetherill Mesa or Chapin Mesa. Most tourists go to Chapin Mesa for the most beautiful and well-preserved monuments.

The park was included in the UNESCA list as World Cultural and Historical Heritage. However, you can also find an extensive collection of Mesa Verde monuments at the National Museum in Helsinki, where you can see a rich exposition of the already defunct Indian culture, with some six hundred historical objects.

Whether you choose to explore these villages with your own eyes in Colorado or just from pictures and exhibits at the National Museum of Finland, we always have tickets at unbeatable prices. Expand your travel itinerary with other interesting locations from around the world.

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