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Kathmandu (KTM)

Are you bored with rafting and trek in the Czech Republic? Then head to the Himalayas!

The city of Leh is undoubtedly a place that trek lovers should not miss - it is an ideal starting point for trips around Ladakh. There are plenty of trekking trails, from the lightest to several-day demanding trails for experienced mountaineers.

As the glaciers begin to melt in June, the quiet Indus River will turn into a wild, wild beauty rushing through the rugged mountain landscape. In July and August it is possible to rafting on it, if you succumbed to this sport, then make the most of it!

Rafts are also held on the Zaskar River.

One of the most beautiful excursions in the Ladakh area is to Pangong Tso Lake at an altitude of 4,300 meters above sea level, 134 km long and nearly 5 km wide. It is one of the largest saltwater lakes in Asia. The journey to the lake is an adventure, climbing to one of the highest mountain saddles to Zhang La saddle takes a lot of trouble, and then slowly down a winding narrow path between the hills and green valleys and climb to the plateau to the lake, this is a unique experience.

The lake is the most beautiful under a volley of sunbeams.

Do not expect luxury resorts here, the accommodation in the tent promises a perfect impression of the whole holiday in the Himalayas.

to Leh you can buy only from us and comfortably from your home!

Book your seats on the plane in time and see the beautiful mountain landscape from a bird’s eye view;

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