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Seville (SVQ)

On vacation to Down Under
Australia and Oceania · Australia
Oct 12, 2015 2 min read
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Andalusian Huelva will excite you, the end of May and June offer the most experience!

Huelva is one of the eight provinces of Spanish Andalusia, it will charm you mainly with its nature. Long, wide sandy beaches are separated from busy promenades by bushes, so you will not be disturbed by anything.

Huelva borders Portugal and is best accessible from the Portuguese city of Faro. Wherever you stay at any hotel on the Atlantic coast, you will see great tides. The shore is gradual, the water is pleasantly warm, this holiday is also suitable for families with children.

Access to the beaches is mostly on wooden piers, where you can enjoy the murmur of the sea. Wake up in the morning, catch a corduroy on the beach - beaches clean and smooth every day.

The square of Moguer is decorated with a statue of the Pinzón brothers who lent their boats to Christopher Columbus.

The best way to get to know the coast is to rent a bicycle. A nice bike path leads from Isla Canela along the coast to Punta del Moral. It then continues to the Torre Canela defensive tower, which offers views of the former salt cellars and the ornithological trail. You can end your trip at the Ecomuseo Molino de El Pintado Ecological Museum - an old mill that worked on the high tide system.

For a perfect adventure trip to the Doňana National Park, take a special bus with tractor wheels to move along the sand dunes. You will see wild horses, rabbits, hare, fallow deer, deer, flamingos and, with great luck, features. Come here at the end of June and you will witness a great holiday of mares with foals. The ceremonial procession of horses leads through the village of El Rocio, where the place of the asphalt road is only sand, because the wild horses are not forged.

The largest Spanish procession, Romería El Rocío, also takes place every year in the village, with up to a million people gathering to bring the famous Virgin Mary from the local church. The procession takes place at the end of May and lasts for several days.

If you are interested in Christopher Columbus, visit the monastery of La Rábida, where you will learn about his son’s expeditions and fate. The monastery dates from the 13th century Franciscan Reform. is a National Monument. Nearby you can visit the Muelle de las Carabelas pier with Colombian caravels. It is a museum and a permanent exhibition on the overseas voyages of Christopher Columbus. You can board replicas of ships made to mark the 500th anniversary of America’s discovery.

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