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Alaska is calling, honey…

Do you hear the call of wilderness and gold? It’s from Alaska. Listen to the great land where the Kodiak bears have a good night, and come and get some gold. Experience agencies will turn you into a gold digger for a few hours with all the trimmings. So if you loved the raw atmosphere of Jack London’s novels as young people, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and immerse them in the icy water of the gold-bearing streams.

The north wind is harsh

There are plenty of reasons to go north. Alaska is headed for everyone who enchants miles and miles of wilderness and breathtaking scenery, where the lakes are reflected by impenetrable forests and snow-capped mountains. You can ride a sledge towed by a dog team or kayaks torn by stormy rapids. Close up you will see wild bears and wolves. Wherever you go, you can count on not having a foot. Alaska is the largest US state, but its population density is clearly the lowest. There is only half a man per square kilometer.

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Some say that luck and wealth bring lots. You won’t know where to bet. In Alaska, elks grow like wood in the forest, and happiness is brought by the land on which monumental animals walk. It still has enough precious metal to magnetize people from all over the world. As the gold diggers say, “You won’t take the Aurora home. Unlike gold. “And the adventure agencies nod in agreement, because you can really take everything you find here. But an authentic adventure with a pan will not take you away. Unlike gold.

Recipe for golden nuggets in a pan

The Greenhorn, who understand panning as a goat of parsley, is called “cheechakos” by locals. Don’t be shy if they call you that. The savvy prospectors called sourdoughs among the gold diggers will introduce you to the correct panning technique. They will lend you a special shovel and pan. But you do not have to worry about health - for weaker individuals there is also a lightweight plastic pan, benches, thanks to which you can not churn your troughs or lukewarm water to catch you rheumatism. It is good to play gold diggers in work clothes. Make a larp experience - if you are not hispter, grow a beard, change into a historical costume and take black and white photos like the late 19th century. Gold diggers can come as they are, without heels.

You pass a bag of genuine Alaskan sediment from the local gold mines and you can pan it all day to the alleluja. At the wooden troughs you will sweep the gold-bearing sand in circular motions and patiently hope that gold nuggets and nuggets will settle at the deepest point of the pan. It’s so simple? Yes. Gold is 19 times heavier than water and 10 times heavier than sand and gravel. You will receive glass bottles for your catches, filled with clear water and on the way home you will watch the glittering grains and dust dance against the sun.

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Golden times of the gold-digging

Finding gold is guaranteed by all companies. The price of the experience, for which you give around $ 20, you have a bag of rubble, demonstrably containing traces of gold. But you can buy bags with a much higher concentration of yellow metal in the shop and then enjoy the larger nuggets. You can find such nuggets, which your grandmother without glasses will envy, in bags for $ 1,000. The experience lasts for an average of two hours, but there are also those who fall for gold and remain bent above the gutters from the beginning to the end of the opening hours.

In order to practice semi-clean in the bath, check out the instructional video.

Gold panning is a widespread hobby in modern times, for which amateur mineralogists and geologists have the talents. In addition to gold, prospectors often find precious stones or fossils from the Ice Age. Whether panning grabs, he may have ambitions other than a fabulous wealth. Today, it is a regular sports discipline in which even the World Cup is held. Is it just where you want to learn it - in the Czech club of gold diggers, or from the descendants of the original gold diggers in Alaska?

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Summer in which ice cream does not flow

It is ideal to go to Alaska in the summer and miss the legendary winters in which it freezes when it hits. Even from late May to late September, you will not need bikinis for the Arctic Circle and the Arctic Ocean. In July and August, the mountain passes without snow and salmon stroke are in full swing. At the end of September, a mystical aurora begins to appear above the region. In Alaska they experience adventure panning such as Golden Daughters , Gold Dregde 8 or Chicken Gold Camp . Most companies also run museums where you can learn about the history and course of the Gold Rush, heavy equipment and excavators, and sometimes even take a ride on the narrow-gauge train used in the mines.

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