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Åland Islands – go for a great cycling holiday

Are you going to spend your holiday a little different this year? Replace lounging on the beach for cycling days, enjoy camping while exploring the beautiful surroundings of this island autonomous region of Åland. The Åland Islands are less frequented by tourists, yet there are many recreational facilities. The flat landscape directly calls for cycling to the local monuments and picturesque fishing villages. You can leave your bikes at home, and there is a bicycle rental service on almost every corner. The islands are connected by bridges, so you can go wherever you want.

Other tourist attractions include water sports - especially sailing, kayaking and fishing.

The largest island is Aland, which is also the capital and center of the Marienhamn area.

On the island of Eckerö is worth seeing the church from the 13th century, the ruins of the chapel from the 10th century. and the Post Office building from 1826. Very popular for tourists is the island of Finström with a large burial ground from the Viking era, but it will surprise you with its beautiful beaches. Also the local church Mikael is a very interesting monument. The most visited island is Sund, tourists are interested mainly in the medieval castle Kastelholm and church from the 13th century. with ancient paintings by Gotland masters.

The ideal time to visit Aland is May or September. Due to unfavorable weather, most holiday resorts are closed outside these months and moreover, tourists from Sweden prevail. May and September are the most ideal time for a great holiday with everywhere!

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Cycling holiday will be right for you this year!

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