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Adventure holidays in Zakynthos, do you know what to visit?

Zakynthos - it is azure sea, white beach, caves surrounded by mystery, diving with a huge card and more. Spend a wonderful holiday on Zakynthos. Do you know what to visit here?

Xigia Natural Spa

You will feel Xigia’s natural sulfur baths remotely thanks to sulfur. It lies on the northern part of the island, with a pebble beach, the water temperature is not regulated and the water is around 18 degrees Celsius.

Amazing prospect of Bochali

The village of Bochali lies beneath the ruins of the Venetian fortress. Thanks to its unique location there is a wonderful view of the capital Zante, the entire bay. There is a natural theater, a maritime museum and the Agios Georgios Filikon Church.

Floating Islands Strofády

The two islands of Stamphans and Árpya are at an altitude of 10 m.n.m. and they look like they are swimming on the sea. Not far from here is the deepest moat in the Mediterranean - the Inous Depression, 4.5 km deep. The roofs are inhabited by thousands of birds and dozens of inhabitants live here. From the sights you can visit the fortified Byzantine monastery of St. Dionysia.

Home of huge Marathonisi cards

In the southeast of the island of Zakynthos lies the island of Marathonisi, which is a popular place of the giant turtle. Every year they come to the beach near Laganas to lay their eggs. During the hatchery, there are strict measures to save as many pups as possible. Some places on the beaches are closed, public transport and artificial lighting are restricted. Zakynthos is one of the places on earth where you can swim with these giants.

Blue caves

Beautiful place from where you will not want to come back. These are the blue caves, limestone cliffs of bizarre shapes that shine in shades of blue thanks to the play of light. From the port of Ág. Nikólaos Volimón, or from Cape Skinári Lighthouse, you can take a boat to explore this beauty. You can get inside the cave. Set out on a hike in the morning, when the sun will shine behind you.

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