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Athens (ATH)

A plethora of ancient monuments only in Athens!

We are now offering low-cost flights to the charming Greek capital! Enjoy autumn in the city with the most famous history in the world. There is also one of the seven wonders of the world, the Acropolis, the most famous archaeological monument.

Parthenon, the most famous ancient temple, also definitely miss.

Do not be discouraged by the crowds of tourists heading to these important monuments. These are the pearls of Athens, so you should not miss them!

If you love Greek architecture, you have a busy schedule throughout your vacation.

At every corner you will feel the atmosphere of ancient times, as well as the smell of fresh tzatziki salad and just baked Souvlaki.

Greek gastronomy certainly can not resist, quality buffets offers delicious food that you can enjoy along the way to discover Athens.

Acropolis, Olympic Stadium or Propylaje? Browse all the Greek gems, each of which has many secrets hidden.

At Monastirakiou Square, visit markets where local retailers offer almost everything you can think of, flesh tomatoes, sweet strawberries, as well as clothing and antiques. The unique contrasts of the West and East, the European Union and the Balkans, and last but not least, wealth and poverty, you must experience firsthand.

You will see the Royal Guard in typical uniforms in front of the Presidential Palace. Also head to the National Archaeological Museum with a rich exposition. A thorough tour of the entire museum will take you almost half a day, then head to another of the delicacies of Greek cuisine.

Athenians like to have fun in the evening, night life is part of their lifestyle, so try their way of life and you fit into one of the bars or discos with traditional Greek music, experience the entertainment, which ends in the morning.

From Prague you are in Athens in just two and a half hours and a few ducks! Enjoy a great Greek-style vacation, book your tickets right now from the comfort of your home and save a lot of time and money.

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