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A few tips on how to get the best sleep at the airport

When hunting for cheap air tickets, it often happens that you will have to spend a number of hours at the airport or even spend the night at the airport in order to lower prices. You will get the cheapest option if you make a reservation at the airport terminal. The staff of most of them tolerates this, but we strongly recommend that you carry your documents and a ticket for the next flight. Otherwise, you might not be sleeping in a warm, heated terminal, but instead expel you to the benches in front of it.

Rule 1: Whoever comes first will sleep more comfortably

If you want to sleep comfortably at the airport (clearly you want it), you have to choose your overnight place as soon as possible. At airports dominated by lowcost carriers, such as Hahn or Beauvais , you can meet dozens of similar overnight travelers. And of course the best places are occupied first.

Rule 2: Find out as much information as possible in advance

If you know in advance that you will spend the night at the airport, __ don't forget to find out as much information about it in advance as possible and ideally the best places to stay. is a great help in this case, where you will find not only an overview of perhaps all the world's airports with great tips for great places, but also the experience of other travelers.

Rule 3: Bring your mat and don’t forget the snack

The third rule is somewhat related to the previous one - after an Internet search of the airport you can find that there are no comfortable seats and the last refreshment stand closes at half past eight in the evening. In that case, you can sit on ordinary chairs and put a suitcase under your feet .

If possible, bring a travel mat and blanket with you to the airport, which will make your stay on the cold floor of the terminal at least a little more enjoyable, and a backpack or a rolled jacket can serve as a pillow. In an emergency, a simple cardboard box can help you in a similar way.

Likewise, do not forget to have a snack and buy it for sure before buying the last refreshment stand.

Rule 4: Don’t be robbed

There are a huge number of people in airports, so you can easily be robbed while you sleep. __You shouldn’t leave your camcorders, cameras, millions, and diamond rings overnight. Lockers are available at many airports where you can keep your precious items for a little bit. Still better to spend a few crowns, euros or kopecs than to mourn a lost HD camera worth tens of thousands.

Rule 5: Don’t die of boredom

Maybe you have ever had it at ten in the evening, you have walked the airport three times and recalculated all the tiles in the terminal twice, and you still couldn’t sleep. And there was still much time left until eight in the morning.

Before traveling do not forget to include something to entertain . Book, crossword puzzles, favorite magazine, MP3 player - there are many options and at many airports (where there is free internet) you will be entertained and ordinary phone with wifi adapter.

If the worst happens and you have virtually nothing to seize, try to talk to some other insomnia, or head to the landing and departing aircraft. Some airports are open nonstop.

Rule 6: Take advantage of the airport

While some airports resemble a gazebo from a neighbor’s garden party, inside others you might come across a great slide. However, the standard of most airports are separate toilets (true, their purity is the second thing), refreshment stalls and other sometimes overpriced shops.

At some airports, you can hand the coveted shower, lie down in the massage chair or watch the landing planes on the viewing platform.

Rule 7: But don’t oversleep

Perhaps the worst thing that can happen to you while waiting for your morning flight is … to fall asleep. So, before going to bed, __take not only an alarm clock (remember that you should have at least one hour reserve before departure), but also insure yourself.

Ideally, you write a distinctive sign in which you request the wake up in due time. People abroad are usually about 100 times more willing to help than with us, so you can be sure that the passengers will not let you fall asleep.

And what is your experience with overnight at the airport? Where did you sleep best and where was the nightmare? Don’t be shy and confide in the comments! : -) _

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