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10 landmarks of England that you must see

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London - Tower, Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, Hyde Park, Piccadilly, Westminster

London will entertain you more and more with each step.


The Tower of London is located on the banks of the River Thames in London. The official name is Her Majesty’s Palace and Fortress. The stone fortress, which today serves as a museum, was built by Norman King William I. the Conqueror. The original palace introduced at fortress and the towers became prisons. The last prisoners were held here during World War II and the royal jewelry box was moved to a safer place.

Big Ben

Also, under the name Big Ben, you will immediately remember the clock tower in London, which stands next to the seat of parliament? But its official name sounds different. Related with the 60th anniversary of the reign of Elizabeth II. was renamed Elizabeth Tower. Neither the biggest bell in the tower that rings every full hour is not officially Big Ben, ale Great Bell.

After a fire in 1834, the tower was built in the Victorian-Gothic style. At the time it was the greatest clock in the world, its accuracy is still famous today.

Buckingham palace

Buckingham Palace is the official residence of British monarchs. The queen here organizes events of national importance and welcomes official visits. You too can peek inside, usually every summer. You will see state chambers, royal stables and garden.

Walk around the landscaped park and watch the changing of the guard. But beware! Changing of the guard is not every day, it depends on the weather and other influences. You always are find out the current information.

Hyde park

Who doesn’t know London’s most famous park and favorite place to relax? Yes, speech is about Hyde Park, a green oasis in the heart of London. Forget for a moment that you are in the center of a vibrant metropolis. While walking, stop at Marble Arch, a marble arch that celebrates the victory of the Battle of Trafalgar and is at Oxford Street, Park Lane, Bayswater Road and Edgware Road. Also nearby is Speakers ’Corner, a place where you are in a second becomes a speaker. Some just entertain the audience, others ask questions to think about.


From Hyde Park, take Piccadilly Street to the plaza Piccadilly Circus. Piccadilly Street was formerly intended exclusively for gentlemen who here they attended a tailor shop and barber shop. It is now dotted with luxury hotels and apartments. The bustling Piccadilly Circus is famous mainly for its light billboards advertised by giants such as McDonald’s.


All places are part of Westminster. Don’t miss it either Trafalgar Square, SOHO, Chinatown or Covent Garden.

It doesn’t matter if you are relaxing at a picnic in the park, discovering sights or you better dance the night away at the bar. In London, you will always find exactly what looking for.


Cambridge is a paradise for lovers of British culture. According to the 2011 census less than 130,000 inhabitants lived here, while the student community reported about 30,000 persons. The history of the city dates back to prehistoric times, the oldest preserved monuments date from the time of the Roman invasion.

The first steps will probably take you to the legendary university, founded in in 1209. It was made famous by famous graduates such as Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin or Stephen Hawking. A total of 89 graduates were awarded the Nobel Prize.

The purely British character of the city awaits you. Thanks to the academic grounds, you will find a lot here museums focused mainly on history. The most famous is Fitzwilliam’s museum where you will see exclusive collections of art and ancient monuments. The most distinctive the landmark of the city is King’s College Chapel, which was built in 1515. When you look back, stop at Market Square and get stronger local specialties.

You should not miss the botanical garden, which is located in the area sixteen hectares with themed gardens and greenhouses.

In addition, Cambridge is only 80 kilometers from London!


Take a look at the city where the oldest university in the UK is located, which is also one of the most prestigious universities in the world. You know which one is speech? Yes, it’s Oxford!

When exploring Oxford, you can not miss Christ Church College, one of the the largest places of the whole university complex. The university is divided into an incredible 38 tracks and these are among the most popular. Two of the buildings, Tom The tower and cathedral tower form an integral part of the skyline of all of Oxford. Christ Church is located in the city center on St. Aldate’s Street and in addition to the beautiful you will see the cathedral, the inner courtyard and the gallery. See also to a 16th-century Renaissance dining room, which can also be rented privately action.

As you wander, let yourself be drawn into the Covered Market, which is is located in the center and is accessible from High Street, Market Street or via the Golden Cross on Cornmarket Street. You will enjoy the variety of small shops where you can get the best local handicrafts, food and drink.

Oxford Medieval Castle and Prison are also worth a visit. Learn more about history of the city, you will see a 900-year-old tomb and on top of the tower of St George’s Tower offers beautiful city views as a reward for your hike.

If you are a fan of non-traditional art, stop by 2 New High Street where the house with the shark is located. Really! From an inconspicuous terraced house almost 8 meters long laminate statue protrudes from the roof of the development. Haddington The shark is a work of art invented in 1986 by artist and journalist Bill Heine. It is a symbol that refers to barbarism and vulnerability in the war between Americans and Middle Eastern countries.

If you decide to explore other parts of the city, we recommend heading to south-east of Oxford, which stretches along the right bank of the Thames. You will find there is a large South Park with beautiful views of the city.


Cardiff is a city full of contrasts. Cultural historical center with fairytale castles and museums opposite modern architecture. In one place you will find fantastic shops, intense nightlife, beautiful coastline and ancient monuments. Cardiff it is also the seat of the Welsh government.

Stroll through Bute Park, on the edge of which you will come across Cardiff castle from the 11th century, where you can see the original medieval castle tower. Also worth a visit is the National Museum, which was founded in the early 20. century. You will see collections focused on Old Wales, art, history or nature.

If you need to breathe and are looking for greenery, we will give you pleasure . Cardiff is famous with landscaped parks. The most famous are Roath Park, Bute Park, Victoria Park or Thompsons Park.

Do you plan to end the day exploring the city with a good drink? Head to St Mary Street, with many local bars and clubs.

Attractions in England

England will entertain you, whether you are an enthusiast of monuments or prefer to wear mountains and you go into nature. Let’s take a look at the places that will captivate you and where you will want to return.


Stonehenge je the most famous prehistoric monument in Europe, which attracts many eyes. And it is not wonder! The purpose is still definitely unclear, which increases mystery and attractiveness of this place. Was it used to treat the wounded and sick? It was about an astronomical observatory of our ancestors? Or a shrine dedicated to the ritual worship of the dead? We can only guess, because even the experts do not agree.

How did people cope with the transportation of giant stones 5,000 years ago? Archaeological discoveries from the 1990s showed that people used wooden stretchers similar to a sled. Imagine that. The heaviest stones weigh up to 50 tons!

Hadrian’s Wall

Hadrian’s Wall is a unique Roman building. Stone and clay fortifications intersect the landscape of Northern England between cities Newcastle and Carlisle. A remarkable 117 km is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Hadrian’s Wall is one of the most visited places in northern England. If you already are in tourism seasoned matador, you can conquer the whole route within 4 days. But don’t underestimate it clothes! The road is very exposed, so don’t be surprised by a strong wind.

If you want to see the best in one day, go after the most interesting part of the route. It starts outside the village of Greenhead and continues around museums of the Roman army to the remains of the Housesteads Roman Fort.

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