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Eight reasons to visit Bali

From: #flymeto   |   Feb 13, 2018

Although the number of islands in Indonesia exceeds 17,000, the fascinating Bali is still number one in terms of traffic. No wonder, the variety of the island and the wide range of activities attracts all kinds of tourists. Add the nature and attitude of the locals to the essence of natural perfection and you have one of the most popular places in the world. Read the eight main reasons to visit this paradise.


A long list of beautiful beaches, suitable for relaxation, diving or extreme sports, is probably the most common reason for visiting this tropical paradise. Extra long beaches with white fine sand, limestone cliffs to almost private beaches. It is entirely up to you which one you prefer.


You can choose from luxurious hotels with state-of-the-art swimming pools that look incredible on their own or choose a more adventurous style of living. Try staying in a tree house or on the edge of a cliff in a bamboo dwelling. To watch exotic animals all day, choose a safari shack.

Culinary scene

Bali is an island where chefs from all over the world travel and draw traditional recipes to perfection. Due to the long-standing popularity of the island and the variety of tourists, this culinary paradise offers all kinds of international cuisine. There are many centers where cooking school takes place. From here you can bring a piece of Bali with you home.

Infinity pools

Infinity pools are gaining in popularity and Bali offers some of the best pools of this kind. Enjoy relaxation with endless views, complemented by the sensational service of the locals.

Beach restaurants

Jimbaran Bay Restaurant serves the best and freshest seafood dishes. Enjoy the candlelight sunset and let your feet cool with small waves of sea water.

Diverse Nature

In addition to beautiful beaches, the island landscape of Bali is also a mountainous area with lush vegetation, extensive lakes, high waterfalls, rice fields and flower gardens. It is therefore an ideal place to combine relaxation with an active holiday and experience different culture.

Friendly people

Finding friends among Bali residents is very easy because they are very interested in seeking conversations with tourists. Their friendliness will immediately get you and even after your departure will think of you and write to you when you arrive again.

Art wave

In Bali, art is everywhere in the streets where you can easily meet dancers, musicians or craftsmen. You can listen to folk music, buy traditional crafts and murals by local painters.

Having fun in Bali is simple, but rather it is hard to just relax in peace. We have selected a few places worth seeing.

Tanah Lot Temple

The iconic temple, perched on a rock in the ocean, is a religious and cultural monument. It is one of the seven temples on the Balinese coast. The background of the blue ocean makes the temple a real gem, all the more underlined at sunset.

Rice terraces

The spectacular rice terrace offers a magnificent view of Bali’s classical countryside, while referring to the traditional culture and customs of the locals. For a moment, you realize how long the rice must travel before it reaches the plate.

Ubud Monkey Forest

Natural beauty, beautiful forest and temple for hundreds of monkeys that will entertain you with their games during your presence. Like other islands in Indonesia, monkeys are used to tourists and have no problem taking things that will interest you.

Ubud Art Market

The Bali Cultural Center is home to traditional artists and creators who represent the island with their unique and authentic products. The color and originality of the products will make you want to own at least one piece.

Pláž Fields

The once hidden gem, famous for the film “Eat, Meditate, Love”, offers a magnificent rocky nook where you can cool down with sand and watch the waves crash into beautiful cliffs. It offers an alternative to the classic endlessly long beaches.

Royal Ubud Palace and Puri Saren Ubud

In history it was a royal city, so here you will find beautiful palaces and temples that will convince you of the architectural excellence of Bali.

Elephant Cave

Famous caves, which also serve as a Buddhist temple, will welcome you through the gate into which are carved historical stories and sacred figures. The temple has a huge swimming pool, which is said to have been built to purify the soul and avert the evil spirit.


Munduk is a charming mountain village with many natural attractions, from hills, beautiful greenery to waterfalls. This is an area rich in spirituals, so you can use their services to guide you a little further in life.

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