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Marseilles (MRS)

5 European cities worth visiting

Marseille - France

The second largest city in France will offer you the famous rocky coastline and nearby Frioul Islands, including the island of If, with a castle of the same name, which has long served as a prison in which set the story of A. Dumas - Count Monte Christo. Street markets and bazaars are also very attractive, where you can buy almost everything you can think of.

Aarhus - Denmark

It is an important seaport and the second largest city in Denmark. Aarhus is becoming increasingly popular for its rich cultural and artistic scene and student life, of which there are several tens of thousands. Visit the Latin Quarter and also the Vadestedet waterfront full of bars, restaurants and cafes.

Utrecht - The Netherlands

It is the oldest and most important Dutch city of the Middle Ages and will especially please the admirers of lifestyle and exuberant night life of the Dutch. Worth seeing is the medieval quarter, not far from Kasteel de Haar Castle and the Rhijnauwen Fort surrounded by a moat with a drawbridge.

In the city you will find the largest Dutch university. Various festivals, such as the Jazz and Film Festival, are held regularly in Utrecht. Shopping lovers will be pleased by the large number of shops.

Bath - England

The city in southwestern England is famous for making historical films, but it is also known for its spas as the warmest geothermal springs in the UK are located here. These healing springs exceed the temperature of 40 ° C.

Warsaw - Poland

The old town was after II. St. war has been restored and you will find a lot of interesting places. The Jewish ghetto and Pawiak prison should not be overlooked from the sights. There is also a wide range of cultural activities, regular music and theater events take place in Warsaw. And if you want to have a great party, Warsaw is definitely what you are looking for!

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