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14 stops on the canonized Route 66

Route 66 is a road where otherwise boring long distance games play. Exit East Illinois - The road sign indicating the start of Route 66 can be found right in the center of Adams Street. Anyone who travels around the Mother of Travels has to take a picture at “takeoff”. And what else? The dizzyingly high skyscrapers by the river, Buckingham Fountain, known from Married with Commitments, and a unique architectural work representing a drop of mercury that mirrors the modern city.

Cemetery where motorbikes and cars can go

Springfield (Illinois) A table-like landscape takes you to a town where neither Homer nor Bart Simpson was born. But another famous American, Abraham Lincoln, was born here. You can even reach his grave in a typical American cemetery by car or motorbike. Also worth a visit is the Route 66 Museum , where you will see a private collection of cars that once drank after 66. Among other things, the famous truck of the film Grapes of Wrath, directed by Henry Fonda. & nbs**

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Say 1632 Mississipi before crossing the bridge

The Old Chain of Rocks Bridge (Illinois / Missouri) An iconic bridge with another mandatory photo. It is one of the oldest bridges over the Mississipi and has been out of service for 50 years. But in the middle of the bridge, where the border between Missouri and Illinois is marked, you can walk. Upon request, the local authorities will allow a larger motorized gang to cross**

Full tank of history, please

Gary's Gay Parita Sinclair (Missouri) A completely preserved and functional 1930s gas station . The descendant of the founders and recently deceased owner Gary, who had it fully reconstructed after a fire in the 1950s, sold souvenirs, maps and cold drinks. And he never hesitated to open a soda with you and tell you the history of this road that every bumps knew**

Underground lair of the dreaded gunslinger

Meramec Caverns (Missouri) The system of limestone caves hides many stories. During the Civil War, the largest of them was used by local farmers as a ballroom. According to legend, there was also a famous outlaw and criminal Jesse James. The sheriff and his helpers who were guarding the hiding place had once escaped an underground river. Then you can go canoeing and watch an audio-visual light show on the walls of the caves**

Repeaters, lasso, hats, spurs

National Cowboy Hall of Fame (Oklahoma) A stunning museum exposition follows the footsteps of the Wild West and Native America. Cowgirl lovers can spend days and weeks here. A plethora of themes, however, engulf greenhorns. There’s a whole room dedicated to western movies, women in the West, a section for rodeo riders, a western town and art across the 19th century describing the life and toil of the first settlers. Tune in to the next stretch in Texas to guide you through the Cheyenne and Arapah hunting grounds where bison herds once grazed**

Texas cartoon Stonehenge

Cadillac Ranche (Texas) Evolutionary Cadillac range. The Cadillac wrecks are carving noses in the ground, and their exhausts are heading to the sky at an angle the same as the Great Pyramid of Giza. The modern sculpture was created in 1972 by three alternative artists from Ant Farm for the sponsorship of local millionaire Stanley Marsh 3 of Amarillo. The car body is full of bright colors and graffiti messages and changes faster than the April weather. Don’t forget to pack your sprays - visitors are allowed to enjoy their cars on their own**

Bulletproof tipi with cable

Wigwam Motel Holbrook (Arizona) The American chain of unique motels built in the 1930s and 1940s has thinned out. Of the seven today, three and two of them work on the historic 66. You will stay in a tipi that the arrow of enemy warriors just will not shoot. They are made of concrete and steel. And to make matters worse, historic cars are parked in this “Indian village” among the “tents”. A phone or wi-fi would be wasted here. It is said to be authentic. What about the surprise that there is a bathroom with toilet and cable TV inside wigwams**

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Dilapidated motel near ghost town

Roy's Motel, Amboy (California) An iconic structure and a typical backdrop of American films from the 1950s stands in the dust and heat of the road. By the way, it was at that time that Roy Crowl’s gas station had the greatest glory. The complex, which included a shop, a café, a service station and a gas station, employed up to 70 people out of the 700 permanent residents of the nearby village of Amboy. Refreshments can still be made here, besides cold beer, there are also a few souvenirs to buy. As a bonus you can also look into the free access to the empty rooms**

Lonely mountains and national parks

Until recently, a unique “hog” stood a short distance from Roy’s station, a tree with branches of passers-by rocking on the laces. Unfortunately, the tree has recently died under the increasing weight of its bizarre fruits.

The sun of the Mojave Desert will literally nail you to the ground next to your shade. The sunset over the arid land with the silhouettes of the Table Mountains, playing in all colors, has also been written up. The lunar landscape has also served filmmakers many times, including when filming Star Wars.

In the western section of the road you are moving in the area of famous national parks. Whoever you like. Do you want to try what it feels like to be an ant among the millennial sequoias in Sequoia National Park , stroll down the Death Valley or spit to the bottom of the Grand Canyon ?

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The road ends where the ocean begins

End of the Trail, Santa Monica (California) Only the Pacific was able to stop the American Highway. Explore Hollywood, the Beverly Hills Riches and Celebrities and take a dip before heading back on a long journey back**

Read about the cultural-historical heritage of the American road in Article 4,000 miles of freedom along Route 66 .

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